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Beverly's Gourmet Foods - Charlotte, NC


Vegetarian options. Vegan options. Gluten Free options.

Mac-n-cheese. Tomato Pie. Quiche. Kale Salad. Soups. Pimento Cheese. Vegan Mac-n-cheese. Stuffed Peppers. Breakfast Casserole. Quinoa. Hummus & much more!

Mediterranean quiche voted BEST IN CHARLOTTE by the Charlotte Observer.



"Pasta & Provisions opened in 1992. Our slogan back then was “Get Fresh,” and people did. 25 years later, we’re still here and we’re still fresh. So, in homage to our past, we look forward to the future. We love being Charlotte’s neighborhood fresh pasta company. Thanks to you."

Available in our frozen section:

Pizza. Pasta. Ravioli. Tortellini. Sauces. Spreads.

Southern Pierogi - Charlotte, NC


Our pierogis are handmade fresh each week, beginning with a dough recipe handed down generation-to-generation. We use filling combinations both familiar and new, then our pierogis are flash frozen to preserve their freshness. 

We hope you enjoy sharing them with your friends and family as much as we enjoy making them!


Empanada Queen - chARLOTTE, nc

Growing up, we loved eating Abuelita's Puerto Rican empanadillas - flakey, turnover pastries that could be filled with anything from meat to cheese to tropical fruit. We struggled to find anything like them growing up in the States.

So,  23-year old chef and Charlotte native, Sara-Rose, went to work re-creating her grandmother's recipes from scratch - adding new flavor options and her own unique twist.

The resulting dish was a hit! - And the Empanada Queen was born.


Famous Ham rolls


Sold by the dozen. These make fantastic gifts!

shrimp, sausage and chicken creole


Easy dinner options! 

chicken pot pie


It takes two days to make this delicious pot pie!

Local MEats, eggs and lettuce


Green Leaf farms - concord, nc


Our beef is different. We like to say our animals are Married to Grass, " Till death do us part". Using the proven method of intensive mob grazing, and daily rotations to fresh grass we have cultivated a terroir unique to Concord. Our soil is rich and full of life, our grass is green, and our stock happy. We let the taste do the talking.


spring lake family farms - albemarle, nc

Spring Lake Family Farms is a family-owned business, located in Albemarle, North Carolina. We have built an Aquaponics facility in order to grow our produce year round and without pesticides or fertilizers.   


Creekside Farms - Concord, nc

Creekside Farms is a small local family-owned and operated farm
located just North of Mt. Pleasant, NC. We raise and sell all natural,
pasture raised beef, pork, chicken, turkey and brown eggs, without the
addition of hormones, GMOs, steroids, or antibiotics. Our practices
result in products that are superior in both quality and taste.

local, local, local

Coddle Creek Farms - Mooresville, NC


Our family has owned and operated our local honey farm for three generations in the historic Coddle Creek community of North Carolina. We have always strived to provide the finest and freshest products. 

Being a peanut butter fanatic, I would find myself eating peanut butter straight from the jar.  Upon researching the ingredients, we decided to try making our own without using any chemical preservatives, emulsifiers or high fructose corn syrup! After many failed attempts, We finally found the perfect combination of natural ingredients.

You can rest assured you and your family are enjoying the finest nut butters available! Grab a spoon and enjoy!

Cannizzaro Famiglia Sauces - Charlotte, NC


Using only the freshest ingredients and combining them with a lot of hard work and love, Cannizzaro Famiglia sauces come alive at your dinner table.  Hand Crafted in Charlotte, North Carolina, 

Marinara. Mushroom Marinara. Vodka. Arrabbiata. Vegan Marinara.


Ritchie Hill Cheese straws - Concord, NC

It all started with their grandmother, Lily Patterson Ritchie as she baked her first batch in the kitchen of the circa 1906 family home in Concord, NC, fondly known as “Ritchie Hill.” Their father, Lee Ritchie carried on the tradition, with family and friends requesting them every holiday - the only time of year he baked them.
When the recipe was handed to Heath years later, they proved just as popular in Concord. In fact, he couldn’t bake enough each year to satisfy demand. So, it was out of necessity that Ritchie Hill Bakery was born. 


Green's Bakery (Famous Babka) - Brooklyn, NY


Green's home-style cakes were originally introduced by the children of Mrs. Chana Green, from the remote shtetl of Halmin, Hungary.

Mrs. Green was known far and wide for baking the most delectable pastries. Her strudel earned her the most prestigious award in the shtetl. And try as they might, no one could duplicate her specialties.

Over time, her children acquired much of her culinary knowledge. Starting from a small basement in Brooklyn, they launched the famous Mrs. Green's Baked Goods store. Many years have passed, and the world renowned Green's Bakery has grown, with orders sent around the world. (specialty food vendor)

pimento cheese

pimento cheese, local pimento cheese, family recipe

Red Clay Gourmet - Winston Salem, NC

The texture and flavor of our pimiento cheese is the product of too many years enduring unappetizing pimento cheese spreads. There must be a better way to do this! History is usually the best teacher. Sharp cheddar cheese, high quality ingredients and farm fresh flavor!


Penny's - Charlotte, NC

Penny’s Pimento Cheese is a classic southern recipe famous for its creamy and savory homemade flavor. As a tennis player and women's tennis coach at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Penny Brawley was as famous for her power serve as she was for serving up her homemade pimento cheese spread. 

Family and friends have always loved it.

Today, Penny's son, Casey Brawley runs the show. Working with restaurants and distributors to build his cheese empire. Each batch is handmade with Penny's secret recipe. Penny's Pimento Cheese has since expanded her recipe and now features over 15 unique flavors! 





  We are in the business of impact. It is the most important thing we strive to make. From the start of a customer’s morning to the end of a farmer’s day, this is how we are measured.

Our farmers aren’t suppliers — they’re people. And what they cultivate isn’t a commodity — it’s a livelihood. It’s not just a supply chain, it’s a chain of values that guides everything we do. Integrity leads to transparency. Transparency to prosperity. And prosperity to quality. It’s a purposefully crafted product and process where all of us — from farmer to customer — thrive.

This is our house coffee. The perfect medium roast. It is creamy and smooth with just a hint of acidity and flavor notes of chocolate and spice. Absolutely. Delicious.

mello coffee roasters - davidson, nc

local small batch coffee.

Mello Coffee Roasters is a family-owned and operated small batch coffee roasting company located in Davidson, North Carolina. We solely roast specialty grade, single origin, direct or fair trade beans every week to ensure the highest quality and freshness that you can taste in every sip.

What began as a hobby in our backyard in 2013 with a hand-cranked Whirly Pop, has now developed into a deep family passion for amazing coffee that we roast on a one kilogram gas coffee roaster designed by Mill City Roasters in Minneapolis, MN. This roaster allows us to custom profile roasts, to bring out the best flavor notes from each origin. From our family to yours, we want to share our obsession with quality coffee so each and every day, you can look forward to that first cup.

Farmer's First Coffee

fair trade coffee. farmer's first.

Why the name "Farmer's First Coffee?"

Because the coffee trade isn't fair to small-scale farmers. Most earn less than $2,000 per year. That's why we pay them a 50% bonus, directly—4 times higher than "fair" trade.

By waking up each morning with a cup of Farmers First Coffee, you’re giving hard-working farmers an income that will change their lives. 

Angel's share premium meat liquor midland, nc


Bourbon blended BBQ Sauce featuring award winning Conviction Bourbon.



Our story started with Matt’s passion for homebrewing beer.  He soon found out that homebrew and BBQ go hand in hand and his DIY nature took over.  He began competing in small BBQ competitions put on by local charities.  He found he needed something extra to make his meat stand out.  Matt started experimenting with his own different sauce recipes and first created Apple Cinnamon.  It quickly became a hit and he began to win competitions.  For years Matt pondered the idea of selling his sauces, in 2018 he decided to take the leap.  Now Ten Ten BBQ sauces are being produced in small craft batches.  Matt’s first jars of sauce were sold to family and friends.  Soon after, the sauce was being sold  in local stores, and now our hope is for expansion.